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June 5, 2022

Editorial 1 June 2022

3D interactive digital anatomy module live
in association with Biodigital

We have just launched our new digital anatomy module, in collaboration with Biodigital, New York, meaning all readers now benefit from the most realistic and accurate 3-D anatomy platform that exists.

One of OrthOracles greatest strengths as a platform is providing as many detailed, high resolution, O-R photos as are needed to understand and learn each operation. These “surgeons view” images support our detailed narrative, but the nature of surgery is that there is often immediate and important anatomy not visible to the camera. With Biodigital integrated into OrthOracle, Surgeons at last have all the information required to learn, revise and plan surgical procedures accurately in one single location, which is a really significant medical publishing first.

Biodigital anatomy also allows our readers to produce their own high quality anatomical annotated images for personal use and provides speciality content including animations, across many surgical specialities.
We are really delighted to be working with such an innovative and cutting-edge resource and to be part of a collaboration where the combined effect is even greater than the sum of the independent parts.

To discover more about Biodigital anatomy visit our Quick start anatomy guide  and to learn more about OrthOracle Take the tour 
where you can access a free trial.

Mark Herron FRCS
Managing Editor OrthOracle
London, UK.


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