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June 5, 2022

Editorial 17 May 2022

“I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made”

Franklin Delano Rooseveldt

32nd President of the United States 1882-1945


At OrthOracle our objective has always been to disseminate experienced surgeons knowledge on exactly how to successfully execute a surgical procedure, from the initial patient assessment to every actual step of the technique.
There are of course numerous alternate ways to perform an operation, each with their own specific pros and cons, nuances and detail. As many alternatives as we feel add usefully to the surgical options for a condition we’ll continue to cover. To date this has taken us just a few operations shy of 500, which we will achieve by July.
By way of illustration, Jonathan Stevensons Chondrosarcoma technique published today is the 5th technique for these rare tumours that we now have, and the 11th Bone tumour technique detailing precisely the technique for use of an endoprosthesis.  Hari Harans mini-open ankle fusion technique is the 5th way to fuse an ankle that you can learn with the platform. Paul Fentons fixation of a Pilon fracture is the 4th demonstration of how to operate on these that we show, in addition to 7 more straightforward ankle fracture fixations. Mark Nowells Anterior Cervical decompression and fusion the 7th of this type of cervical procedure.

We will be live to all subscribers before the end of May with the long awaited “3D” interactive digital anatomy module. This adds significantly to the information available for those planning a technique, as well as allowing users to annotate and download their own images of the relevant anatomy they will encounter. This hugely useful new functionality will be provided as part of the standard subscription.


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