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December 23, 2021

Editorial 23 December 2021


“When tyranny becomes law, rebellion is a right.”


Simon Bolivar

The liberator of South America



It is with the greatest of pleasure that I introduce our first European Editor, Peter Bieberthaler, Professor of Trauma Surgery and Chairman of the Department of Trauma Surgery at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Peters’ first instructional technique publishes today.
Germany has long held a worldwide reputation for excellence and innovation in trauma, and I know that Peter and his colleagues are keen to share with you their surgical expertise, an expertise that can only be gained in the busiest trauma units with high volumes of complex cases.

We always welcome interest from Surgeons worldwide about joining our Editorial team, even if their own countries don’t produce fantastic sports cars, have well maintained roads without speed limits or great skiing. Surgeons from all countries, including all our European cousins, are always welcome in our part of the UK.

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Please regard the lion image from the British Museum as metaphorical not instructional, and allow King Ashurbanipal (685-631 BC) some latitude for his actions which are probably justified when faced by a plague of lions.
May it inspire you to keep doing brave things professionally whatever 2022 throws at you.

My best wishes and seasonal greetings to you all

Mark Herron FRCS


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