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September 28, 2022

Editorial 27 September 2022

It took me four years to paint like Raphael but a lifetime to paint like a child”

Pablo Picasso

Spanish Artist & co-founder of Cubism 1881-1973.

At OrthOracle our objective has always been not only to disseminate an experienced surgeons insights about exactly how to execute their technique, through every step of the operation, but also how to assess and council patients and manage their successful recovery and return to optimal function.
We haven’t thought of a better way to do this yet than demonstrating in exacting detail the whole journey, and are delighted that so many of you agree and continue to join us from all corners of the globe (though a globe doesn’t have corners of course).

This month we have more to educate the spinal surgeons amongst you, with Neil Upadhyays’ TILF for an impeding cauda equina, using a very useful navigated screw system from Medtronic and fusion cage from Globus. Mark Nowells “over the top” lumbar spine decompression for spinal stenosis is no less illuminating, though is less implant dependent.
Paul Fenton adds yet another definitive limb reconstruction technique to his already impressive series of step by step guides in limb reconstruction with this months Balanced cable transport for massive bone bone loss in a tibial fracture. Anyone dealing with trauma needs to read this to appreciate how far ilizarovs principles have been developed. 
Orthopaedically not everyone is good enough to become a Foot & Ankle surgeon, but for those of you who are…or might be considering it….I hope my Posterior ankle decompression for posterior impingement provides useful guidance on how to safely execute a straightforward technique.

My best wishes

Mark Herron FRCS


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