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June 29, 2021

Editorial 29 June 2021

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself…”

George Bernard Shaw
Irish playwright, Critic, Nobel Laureate and Academy Award Winner

For anyone seeking enlightenment about the many intricacies required to safely execute cervical spine surgery then Mark Nowells Cervical Laminectomy and resection of spinal cord tumour should certainly be a starting point. Though Spinal surgery is at the moment one of our smaller sections, it’s a section that is growing rapidly and with every technique you’ll find a level surgical description and step by step intra-operative images that are unavailable anywhere else.
Chris Littles Trapeziectomy and APL suspensionplasty is  equally comprehensive and “end to end” in all the aspects of this highly utilitarian operation, from initial examination and imaging findings through every nuance of the surgery.
Kenny Rankins Nexgen Rotating Hinge for an unstable primary valgus knee is as detailed an arthroplasty tutorial as you are likely to come across, which is the sort of information that is an absolute for those taking on these complex deformity and implant techniques.
Even for Surgeons experienced in calcaneal fracture fixation Peter Rosenfelds Arthroscopic subtalar fusion for acute calcaneal fracture is a must read technique. Whether it changes your mind on what should or what shouldn’t be salvaged, it is a technique worth getting to know, and Peter has a wealth of experience that he shares in his article.


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