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November 2, 2015

Editorial – The New Atlas

All printed surgical textbooks are hindered by one unavoidable fact, namely that human anatomy (and its treatment) is inherently a visual discipline. The most effective way to impart information about its operative treatment is logically therefore by means of many , detailed , step by step images. The costs of production and constraints of book size mean however that hard copy printed material will always fall far short of this ideal.

Additionally the reality of much modern Orthopaedic surgical practice is that it is an interplay between not only the surgical exposure but also the specific implant techniques. This fact, avoided by most published surgical guides, is a significant hinderance to those learning a new operation.

The original Foot Surgery Atlas was published in 2007 to address these short-comings. Stills rather than video gave the reader time to study, understand and absorb the detail required.

The 2015 Edition has not only adhered to these principles but has also been completely re-engineered, redesigned and expanded. It will continue to grow significantly thanks to the expertise of the new editorial board, for whose assistance and vision I am hugely grateful. I hope the Foot Surgery Atlas continues to assist you and benefit your patients in your surgical endeavours.

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