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May 13, 2024

ESSER Hand & Wrist Osteoarthritis Masterclass, 15/16 May 2024, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

On 15/16 May, the latest ESSER masterclass gets underway at the Erasmus MC Skills Lab and Simulation Centre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The ESSER courses  have established themselves in a short space of time as leaders in the field of surgeon education in hand and upper limb surgery.  Courses are run regularly, each with its own particular focus and always benefitting from an experienced surgical faculty with a track record in surgical education.  The content is relevant to plastic surgeons as well as orthopaedic surgeons and the courses run include microsurgery, tendons, basic nerve surgery, advanced nerve surgery, local flap techniques as well as tendon and fracture surgery.

Course delegates also benefit from a number of cutting-edge learning technologies in the Erasmus Centre including 3D simulation and virtual reality training.

The May osteoarthritis course covers a wide range of arthrodesis, arthroplasty and denervation techniques in the hand and wrist, with delegates being able to try out techniques themselves in the cadaveric workshop.

The team at OrthOracle are delighted that Mr Mark Brewster FRCS, one of our original editors will be on faculty and sharing his breadth of surgical experience in this field.

Here are just a few of our instructional operative techniques that support the key course content:

Wrist fusion for Volkmann’s ischaemic contracture (Using Synthes fusion plate)

Wrist fusion: Radiolunate limited fusion with Acutrak headless screw

Wrist Arthritis: Proximal Row Carpectomy

Wrist Arthritis: Posterior and Anterior interosseous nerve neurectomies

Radioscapholunate fusion using Medartis plate with distal Scaphoid excision


Trapeziectomy with APL suspensionplasty

Trapeziectomy with capsuloperiosteal flap interposition arthroplasty

Trapeziectomy and Abductor pollicis longus suspensionplasty

Four Corner carpal Fusion using Medartis plate and scaphoid excision





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