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January 12, 2023

Launch of the OrthoSolutions-OrthOracle Foot & Ankle surgery e-book

Today sees the official launch of our first E-book, the OrthoSolutions-OrthOracle Consensus guide to Foot & Ankle Surgery, our first major collaboration with Industry.

It represents a significant improvement in the quality of information provided to Surgeons by any implant company, combined with the objectivity that only independent publishing can bring.

The concept of a Consensus guide was the brainchild of Mr Dishan Singh FRCS (The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore, London), and enthusiastically supported by OrthoSolutions (UK). It led to an annual “Round Table” meeting which ran for a decade, attended by an invited group of experienced Foot & Ankle Surgeons. Each Surgeon was tasked with researching and presenting a topic which was then vigorously examined and debated by the group, until either a consensus was reached …..or blood was drawn.
The meetings all had a particular theme, carefully chosen by Dishan, that over a decade covered a wide range of topics, the uncommon as well as the common, the non-surgical as well as the surgical.
The resulting textbook is of course also the result of the hard work of these 87 UK and International contributors.

We’ve integrated this uniquely useful body of work into OrthOracle, enhancing it with content, images and operative techniques of our own, and look forward to developing this resource further with OrthoSolutions.

I think the Orthosolutions-OrthOracle Consensus guide to foot & ankle surgery can be accurately described as the best educational resource available, on-line or in print, to support anyone practising Foot & Ankle surgery.

It is also yet another benefit to our regular Subscribers, and provided as a part of the standard subscription.
To those who aren’t yet Subscribers a lot of the content is available free-access and just requires registering to use the E-book.

For those of you not lucky enough to be Foot & Ankle Surgeons we do have several other Company sponsored E-books in the pipeline covering different orthopaedic sub-specialities which will land later this year.

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