Ankle replacement-Star ankle replacement (revision of mensical component)


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The polyethylene bearing of a mobile bearing ankle replacement may fracture, wear or dislocate.

If this happens, the whole ankle replacement may need to be revised, or just the meniscal bearing – mindful of the fact that some wear may also have occurred to the metal surfaces of talar and tibial components.

It is important to identify any precipitating factors which may have caused the meniscus to fail (such as ankle instability or component malalignment) and to correct these at the same time as revising the bearing.

For those undertaking ankle replacement surgery the ability to identify and deal with its potential complications (both in the short and longer  term ) should be a consideration.

The following operation demonstrates my technique for managing the isolated failure of a meniscal component of a STAR ankle replacement , one of the implants with the longest track record.


Author: Paul Cooke FRCS 

Institution :The Nuffield Orthopaedic centre , Oxford ,UK.


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