Ankle and Subtalar (Double) Fusion using OrthoSolutions Oxbridge nail


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CPD/CME Points: 1.5

Double fusion of the ankle can be performed using intramedullary fixation using the OrthoSolutions Oxbridge Nail.

This is a method applicable when both the ankle and subtalar joints are to be fused,which achieves rigid fixation, even in cases of bone loss.

Particular advantages of the Orthosolutions Oxbridge nail are a well designed entry jig to assist  centring the initial  guide-wire , numerous distal screw option to secure the nail into Calcaneus and Talus coupled with a simple & accurate outrigger to allow lateral , medial and posterior positioning ,multiple synchronous external compression options , a “Mis-a-nail” jig to allow easy placement of a supplementary large screw to improve rotational stability and axial compression for the difficult reconstruction cases and a single , simple tray of instrumentation.

Author: Paul Cooke

Institution : The Nuffield Orthopaedic centre, Oxford ,UK.


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