Cartiva implant for 1st MTP joint arthritis Surgical Technique


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CPD/CME Points: 1

Learn the Cartiva implant for 1st MTP joint arthritis surgical technique with step by step instructions on OrthOracle. Our e-learning platform contains high resolution images and a certified CME of the Cartiva implant for 1st MTP joint arthritis surgical procedure.

The Cartiva implant is a hydrogel polymer implant designed for use in 1st metatarsophalangeal arthritis (hallux rigidus). The material has a similar coefficient of friction and hydration characteristics to hyaline cartilage and is intact the same material widely used in contact lenses.

The procedure is simple to undertake and has an excellent scientific and level 1 clinical evidence background. Cartiva has been extensively studied in a prospective randomised controlled trial against 1st MTPJ fusion as part of the 12 centre MOTION study group. This study has demonstrated that it is at least as good as a fusion at 2 and at 5 years in terms of pain relief and improvement in function both in activities of daily life and in sport.

A comprehensive literature review which includes award winning peer reviewed papers and presentations at mutilple international meetings is included in this operation (See references). The Cartiva MOTION study is the largest and most comprehensive PRCT in forefoot surgery that has been undertaken yet.

Author :Mr Chris Blundell FRDS (Tr & Orth)

Institution: The Northern General Hospital , Sheffield ,UK.


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