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Our library of operations is the most comprehensive resource anywhere of operative technique in Upper Limb & Hand. All operations include detailed step by step instruction, expert commentary and operation specific certificated CPD/CME modules.

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Peripheral nerve


Operations In Progress


  • Axillary nerve decompression
  • Deltoid to triceps transfer including achilles allograft
  • Excision of radial nerve tumour (brachial plexus)


  • Fasciectomy for Dupuytrens
  • ORIF 4th & 5th metacarpals with plates
  • ORIF Proximal Phalanx with screws
  • Palmar and digital fasciectomy for Dupuytrens
  • PIP joint replacement (Middle finger)
  • Pronator Teres to Extensor Carpi radialis Brevis tendon transfer and median nerve transfer to Posterior interosseous nerve for radial nerve palsy
  • Proximal Phalangeal fracture fixation
  • Thumb IP Joint Fusion
  • Xiapex injection for Dupuytrens contracture
  • Zone 5 extensor tendon repair

Peripheral nerve

  • Brachial plexus exploration and repair
  • Clavicle osteotomy and resection of a hibernoma tumour from the left brachial plexus
  • Excision of a sural nerve end neuroma and application of a Polyganics NeuroCapTM
  • Exploration radial nerve and autologous graft to nerve to brachioradialis and AxoGen AVANCE processed nerve allograft to radial nerve trunk
  • Infra-clavicular exploration of the brachial plexus
  • Metatarsal neck osteotomies, excision of recurrent Morton's neuroma & Polyganics NeuroCap to common digital nerve 2nd and 3rd inter-metatarsal spaces
  • Polyganics NeuroCap application to geniculate branches of the saphenous nerve
  • Saphenous neurectomy and implantation of Polyganics NeuroCap for neuromas following knee surgery
  • Suprascapular nerve decompression and spinal accessory nerve transfer
  • Ulna nerve decompression (motor branch)


  • ‘Corella’ arthroscopic scapholunate ligament reconstruction
  • De Quervains release
  • Guyons canal release
  • Scaphoid fixation: Vascularised graft for non-union
  • Wrist arthroscopy and ulna shortening
  • Wrist Arthroscopy with Ulnar shortening.
  • X-Ray guided CMC Joint injection

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