Internal fixation of 5th metacarpal neck fracture (Synthes LCP plate)


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Metacarpal neck fractures are very common in the hand. The “Boxer’s” fracture in the 5th metacarpal neck is one of the commonest injuries that present to a Hand surgeon. Most of these injuries can be treated conservatively and heal satisfactorily with no functional deficit. However, some present with rotational deformities that need correction for an optimal outcome. A handful of these also present with other concomitant injuries in the hand, which cannot undergo appropriate rehabilitation until the metacarpal neck fracture has been adequately stabilized. Many surgical techniques have been described for reduction and stabilization of this fracture with varied risks and benefits. Open fixation with plates and screws affords the most reliable reduction and a stable construct for immediate mobilization.

Manish Gupta

Consultant Hand Surgeon, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham


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