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September 7, 2019

Professional Guidelines

This is new feature we’ve just launched where guidelines now sit as an additional tab within the menu for any given operative technique.

These important documents represent considered and independent advice on best Orthopaedic practice by opinion leaders from our representative bodies and we think should be as widely available and referenced as possible.

We are delighted to be supported once again by the British Orthopaedic association https://www.boa.ac.uk/ in this and you’ll find their current guidelines now accessible from OrthOracle, as well as recently published advice on Knee arthroscopy from the British Association for Surgery of the knee (BASK). https://baskonline.com/

The latter is an especially useful document for UK surgeons where patients access to this unquestionably useful intervention had been under threat following ill-conceived guidance published by the British Medical journal in 2017.

Expect further guidelines to appear from International associations and speciality societies start progressively on the platform.


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