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AvatarJonathan Stevenson

Hi Mark,

Depending upon size, the Mutars system can be used for post-pubescent children, yes. The intercalary (or diaphyseal) endoprostheses would be less likely to interfere with the physis affecting skeletal growth, however,modular proximal or distal femoral replacements would be reasonable in children in whom predicted residual skeletal growth was minimal or if contralateral epiphyodesis was contemplated. In smaller children, with predicted residual growth at the resected lower limb growth plate greater than 1.5cm we would routinely consider an extendable endoprosthesis, to avoid limb length discrepancies. Extendable endoprostheses are custom made in my experience, and are associated with greater implant related complications in the long term which needs to be explained to patients and families.


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