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Our library of operations is the most comprehensive resource anywhere of spine operative techniques. All operations include detailed step by step instruction, expert commentary and operation specific certificated CPD/CME modules.

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  • Fusion
    • posterior cervico-thoracic decompression and instrumented fusion for C7/C8 radiculopathy with spondylolisthesis


  • Decompression
    • Decompression of chordoma and posterior stabilisation
    • L5/S1 Discectomy
    • Lumbar microdiscectomy for cauda equina syndrome
    • Lumbar spine decompression
  • Fusion
    • AIS posterior instrumented scoliosis correction and fusion (T4 to L4)
    • L4/5 and L5/S1 Anterior Interbody Lumbar Fusion [Medtronic Avila A with Pyramid Anterior Lumbar Plate System)
    • L5/S1 Anterior Interbody Lumbar Fusion [Globus INDEPENDENCE MIS®]
    • Navigated L4/5 Fusion and decompression
    • Posterior Instrumented Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Correction and Fusion (selective thoracic fusion)
    • revision instrumented fusion and decompression L3/4 in degenerative scoliosis.
  • Injection
    • Lumbar discography (L3/L4)
    • Lumbar nerve root block (L5)

Upper Limb & Hand

  • Forearm
    • Excision of a Schwannoma from the proximal radial nerve

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