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Subtalar fusion: Arthroscopic technique


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  • Achilles tendon reconstruction using Wright Medical Graftjacket
  • advanced arthroscopic ankle fusion
  • Ankle arthroscopy,Medial closing wedge supramalleolar osteotomy and Deltoid ligament repair
  • Ankle fracture fixation
  • Ankle fracture: Revision fixation.
  • Ankle fusion with Achilles lengthening and tendon transfers
  • Arthroscopic ankle fusion (2)
  • Arthroscopy and FHL release
  • Compartment pressure monitoring (Tibial compartments)
  • Full-House Equinus Ankle Correction
  • Lateral ankle ligament repair (reattachment of ATF ligament)
  • Lion operation
  • Open Equinus Ankle Correction
  • Revision (augmented lateral ankle ligament reconstruction (Wright Graftjacket)
  • Revision Ankle Fusion
  • Talectomy and tibio-talar fusion


  • Crush injury of foot
  • lateral release modified mcbrides procedure
  • Lengthening of brachymetatarsalgia with iliac crest graft
  • Test for translation - don't delete


  • Deltoid ligament and tibialis posterior sheath repair.
  • Lateral column lengthening & medial column fusion for flat foot
  • Minimally invasive Calcaneal osteotomy
  • Revision Cavovarus correction (Wedge tarsectomy, Calcaneal osteotomy and tendon transfers)
  • Triple fusion: Vascularised Fibula graft
  • Wright Valor nail: Revision nailing for impending fracture
  • Wright Valor nail: Revision nailing for subtalar non-union
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