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Our library of operations is the most practically orientated resource anywhere of operative technique in Hip surgery. Operations include detailed step by step instruction, expert commentary and operation specific certificated CPD/CME modules.

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  • Primary
    • BIrmingham Hip resurfacing
    • Exeter Total Hip replacement for Fractured Neck of Femur
    • Total Hip replacement -Anterior approach
    • Total Hip replacement :Cemented Exeter stem and an uncemented R3 acetabular component(Metal on poly)
    • Total Hip replacement (uncemented) -Corin Trinity metafix
    • Total hip replacement with capture cup
    • Total Hip replacement- Exeter/contemporary (Stryker)
  • Revision
    • Cement in cement revision total hip replacement (for dislocation)
    • Revision total hip replacement (Thrust plate to Mathys Twinsys stem and Vitamys cup)
    • SERF Dual mobility Total Hip replacement 2
    • Total Hip replacement-first stage revision
    • Total Hip replacement-Second stage revision
    • Total hip replacement: Second stage reconstruction with custom acetabulum.

Neuromuscular Hip

  • Unassigned
    • Application of a Paediatric Hip Spica


  • Femoral
    • excision osteochondroma medial distal femur
  • Pelvic
    • Pelvic & Femoral osteotomies.
    • Triple pelvic osteotomy

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