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OrthOracle are delighted to be invited guests at the German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology DKOU 2023 from 24-27 October in Berlin. We lo...


The team at OrthOracle are delighted to announce their third accreditation as an Education Centre for The Royal College of Surgeons of England. We ...


“The World is not limited by IQ. We are all limited by bravery and creativity” Astro Teller Entrepreneur, Computer scientist & Author. The name...

About OrthOracle

Our mission statement at OrthOracle is optimising Surgical education to improve patients outcomes which we’re doing by publishing the most comprehensive and practically orientated content on Orthopaedic techniques available anywhere.

OrthOracle is an independent, Surgeon developed, owned and produced resource full of of practical information validated for both experienced Surgeons as well as Surgeons in training. We publish new techniques across the whole Orthopaedic spectrum every 2 weeks.

Surgery is inherently visual and its demonstration requires a clear illustration of human anatomy as well as its’ adjustment. For those of us learning or refreshing operations their stepwise nature is best imparted by a comprehensive series of high definition images which provide not only the detail needed but the time to understand them. Professionally taken photographs, detailing every step of the surgical technique from live operations is what you’ll find on OrthOracle. You’ll also discover unique and critical insights from experienced Surgeons on the entire surgical journey from investigation and assessment through operation to rehabilitation that will assist you in your decision making.



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