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November 14, 2018

Supporting hip education: OrthOracle partners with MicroPort

OrthOracle is delighted that it will be able to provide its worldwide readers with more complimentary educational hip surgery content, in conjunction with MicroPort, during 2018/19. The company is pleased to be able to make this announcement during an important week for hip surgery education, with Bristol Hip kicking off on 15 November.

“It’s a pleasure to work with enlightened and ethical companies like MicroPort, whose primary objective is ensuring safe and appropriate use of their implants,” said Mark Herron, FRCS, OrthOracle co-founder and managing editor. “We’re delighted that they have seen the benefit of our sector-leading surgeon educational platform and are looking forward to delivering even more innovative digital education resources for MicroPort to support its surgeon training.”

MicroPort UK Head of Marketing Nathan English agreed, adding, “It has been great to partner up with OrthOracle, as we see it as a great addition to our internal medical education events. At MicroPort, our priority isn’t just to help surgeons get patients back on their feet — we want to help patients get back to full function, faster.

“Our events train surgeons from a theoretical and practical point of view. With OrthOracle, we can now offer surgeons a digital platform where they can review our SuperPath® Hip Technique step by step, and have the added option of evaluating their knowledge at the end of the tutorial.”

MicroPort will be on site at Bristol Hip, where learners can find out more about SuperPath. You can also visit their website or Joint Academy Microport™.

For all the details of SuperPath® Hip Technique, go to OrthOracle’s CPD-accredited module here.

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